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Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Teach a Novel

You may have previously visited How to Teach a Novel hosted at While my Teach with Picture Books and Teaching that Sticks blogs are hosted here at Blogger, I decided to give the Wordpress platform a test drive for my third blog.

News is, I am not really happy with Wordpress, and I'm presently transferring all my old posts to here. I'm bummed, though, since I'm losing all my comments (and my Google page rank) in the process, but I guess that can be built up again.

If you're a really kind person with just five minutes to spare, I'd really appreciate it if you would read some random post (they're all brilliant) and leave a comment. This will help bring my page back to the top, so that teachers who search for these resources will be able to find them.


tikka masala said...

Hi, Keith. You sound like a really nice person and I am enjoying all your blogs very much. I am just sorry I did not find them sooner, when I was actually teaching literature. Now I am "only" doing research on the subject for my doctorate thesis. I am Portuguese, by the way. Keep up with your excellent work! Best regards, Sara.

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