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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Figurative Language Posters

Some time ago I shared some Mentor Text Display Cards for both picture books and novels featuring exemplar texts with annotations defining figurative language and literary devices.

While these met with much enthusiasm, several teachers asked if I would consider creating similar cards, but from the opposite perspective. In other words, these teachers wanted the focus on the figurative language itself.

Not a bad idea.

So here you go: a set of Figurative Language Posters (you can also preview them below).

I've provided text examples from poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction.

What's wonderful about these posters is that, like the Mentor Text Cards, they can be adapted to your own needs.

Don't care for a text I've chosen? Replace it with your own! Simply make a copy of the Slides provided, and you can edit to your heart's content. Your students might better respond to examples from songs or picture books or familiar class texts, so why not create your own?

Let me know how you'll be using these in your own classroom.



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