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How to Teach a Novel presents readers with practical advice on how to teach novels in grades 3 and up. For years I searched for a workshop on this topic, only to end up creating it myself! Out of that workshop came this blog. Here you'll find resources, recommended readings, and related links, all aimed at helping you to make your literacy instruction motivational, memorable, and, finally! manageable. Definitely read through past posts for ideas you can use in your classroom tomorrow!

If you're just starting out on this road to teaching novels successfully, I'd recommend that you first jump over to my How to Teach a Novel lens at There you'll find an abbreviated version of the workshop I've presented numerous times. It's a great jumping off point, with lots of sites to explore.

Have a suggestion for a site, teaching resource, or publication on the use of novels? Email me! I'd also be happy to link to your related site.